• Julee Wilson

Thousand Reasons Why - Journal Entry #6

So sorry!! I forgot to post yesterday!!

Here’s a sweet post from my very first Mother’s Day! I was so excited and so happy to be a mama, even if my little guy was going through some very serious health issues!


Happy Mother’s Day to me!! You gave me lovely presents — a beautiful musical carousel horse and a tiny little book about puppies. Thank you, Sweetie!

Well, the docs & nurses finally decided to do the bronchoscopy last Friday. They figured out that your right vocal chord is paralyzed which is why your cry is so quiet & you’re still having a hard time breathing. We got to watch the video — pretty cool! Now comes the scary part — they want to do a tracheostomy to allow you to breathe better. Your vocal chord will heal in time & then you won’t need the trach anymore. It will be nice to see you not have to labor in your breathing, Honey. We hate to see you go through another surgery, but in the long run it will be for the best…

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