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Thousand Reasons Thursdays - Special Guest Post!

Last week I had the privilege to be interviewed by my friend and fellow writer, Nancy Lee. Nancy is doing a series on her blog, InspirationalLee, about "the gift of life." She is sharing stories of those who choose life for their child when everything and everyone is telling them otherwise. I had a couple of experiences with this, and Nancy has generously agreed to let me share our interview with you. I hope you are encouraged!

My friend and fellow writer Julee Wilson from Napa, California, contacted me and asked me to share her “Gift of Life” story. I know you will be blessed by her inspiring story about hope and life-changing faith.

Julee lay in her hospital bed, her husband by her side, overwhelmed by what she was hearing her doctor say. The past two days had been the scariest and most stressful of her life. After a healthy and uneventful 22 weeks of pregnancy for her first child, she woke up with symptoms that led her to visit her doctor in San Francisco near where she lived. “Probably a bladder infection,” she thought.

The doctor told her she was in labor and sent her next door to the hospital. The whirlwind began as the doctors settled her into a room in ICU, hooked her up on IVs, and started giving her medications to stop the contractions. Julee remembers family members coming and going, frantically trying to contact her husband who was working an hour away.

By the time her husband got there, Julee’s blood pressure was high. His presence helped calm her, and he stayed with her through the night as a team of experts worked to stop Julee’s contractions.

And now she and her husband were sitting face to face with her Ob/Gyn doctor. The doctor first explained that the goal was to prevent labor as long as possible. This meant Julee would be bedridden until she delivered her baby which could be weeks or months. Then they would deal with whatever issues the baby would have from a premature delivery.

“But if you gave birth today, the fetus would only have a ten percent chance of survival,” the doctor said. The room was quiet as the severity of the situation sank in. “We see how hard it is on families to lose a baby,” she continued, “another option would be to choose to end the pregnancy.”

Continue reading the article and others in the series here on Nancy's blog page!

Have a blessed weekend!

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