• Julee Wilson

Thousand Reasons Thursdays: Journal Entry 9


Well, Dr. Harrison did your tracheostomy yesterday at 3:45. Your MRI turned out perfect, so we know everything's OK in the brain department. The surgery went well. You slept a long time. You seem to be adapting to your new "necklace" well.

You are my hero, Paxton! It is so unbelievable how resilient you are - how quickly you've bounced back from all this! Today one of the RT's let me watch & help a little as she suctioned you & gave you your breathing treatments. It's a lot of stuff to learn, but Dad & I will figure it all out before you go home.

Paxton truly astounded us. Even with all the surgeries, treatments, meds, etc., he always had a smile for us. I look back now and realize that the Lord was giving me hope through my son's joy. God was teaching me what true joy is. Joy is not happiness - it's much more steady. Joy only comes from the Lord. I know now that God was with Paxton and giving him His peace and comfort through it all - and his joy was expressed through his smiles.

There Is Joy in the Lord

All blessing and honor are His

All glory and power are His

Let all wisdom and strength

Be the Lord's in this place

Let all glory be given to Him

There is joy in the Lord

There is love in His Spirit

There is hope in the knowledge of Him

There's a fountain that flows

Like a river from heaven

Abounding in love to my soul

music and lyrics by Cheri Keaggy

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