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Thousand Reasons Thursdays - Journal Entry 5


CASEY: Yesterday you finally graduated to the TCN - Transitional Care Nursery -

Mom was so excited she stayed over in the hospital, and she was up with you til 12:30 am in the morning! I had to go to work today but I had a great one with the anticipation of seeing you in the TCN - you gain 110 g yesterday. Now you are 5 lbs. 1 oz. Such a big boy. I held you, fed you, burped you, and let Mom change your diaper. You fell asleep in Mom's arms and tears came rolling down. She loves you so much, as well as I do. You are such a precious treasure. You are our little Sunshine Boy :) All of my customers at work ask about you and I always smile as I talk about you. Everyone is so pleased you are doing so well. Mom and I are going to spend the night again in the hospital. We just want to be near you all the time.

We love you...Son


The TCN was just that - a nursery between the NICU and the Newborn Nursery for babies that still needed a little more observation before they went into the Newborn Nursery or straight home. Our hope was that the next step would be "home" for us!

The hospital was wonderfully accommodating for parents with chronically-ill children. If there were empty rooms available, they would let one or both of us sleep over, take a shower, or just relax, if we needed it. Sometimes we would take advantage of this if we were there late and sometimes we would sleep over at my mom and dad's. Both options were a blessing, considering at this point we lived over an hour away.

Casey and I always had hope - hope that he would come home, hope that he would get better. We were learning, though, that even if God's plans were different, we still had hope in all of HIS promises in His word because God's word is always true, and He is the Perfect Promise-keeper.

What promises can YOU praise Him for today? Let us know!

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