• Julee Wilson

Thousand Reasons Thursdays - Journal Entry #19


Well, after a couple days of trying. we finally got you awake from the paralytic. You're definitely back to your old self. You're really coming along developmentally - you're noticing objects & reaching out & grabbing for them. You grab your hands and try to cram them both in your mouth!

We started you on your home vent 6 days ago. You're doing great! They say you can go home on Aug. 30th! Wow, we never got a date before!!!

Yesterday & today, I've noticed you working yourself into little snits. I pointed this out to Dr, Iannuzzi & she's going to stop weaning you off the steroids for awhile.

Things seemed very touch and go ever since the tracheostomy. This last particularly bad bronchospasm hung in the back of my mind like a black widow's cobweb. On the outside I was so excited about getting Paxton home, but on the inside I was a balled up mess of anxiety.

Looking back, I can see at this point in our journey that we had been away from our church family for awhile. We were not consistent in church attendance (as we were not actively looking for a church home in our new town), prayer life, or quiet time (bible reading and study) with the Lord. I know now how important these things are to a believer's spiritual well-being and growth. Are you hurting today? Don't turn your back on the Lord. If you are HIs, He hasn't and will never abandon or forsake you!

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