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Thousand Reasons Thursdays - Journal Entry #18

Thousand Reasons Thursdays is becoming Forever Faithful Fridays or something!!!! Lately it just seems to be a better day to do a post! Anyway, we're getting towards the end of this series, but by that time, I'll have hopefully completed my manuscript for this book, and will be launching a new series to give you more sneak peeks into the story and some fun announcements.

In the meantime, here is this week's post:


Well, the ventilator came & they couldn't get the settings sensitive enough, so we used it as a doorstop while they tried the BiPap again. You were doing OK for about a day & a half & then you got a fever & needed to be put back on the ventilator. After a lot of tests, we figured out you have pneumonia again. You had a few days of fevers, and even with 102, you were still smiling & playing & drinking your whole bottle! Then, two days ago you started acting sick.

Yesterday, you were at 100% O2 & then only "sating" @ 80's. They had you sedated to keep you calm. You started to wake up from the sedation & had the worst bronchospasm ever! It took them 45 minutes to bring your "sat's" back up. And they're still in the 80's even today. We thought we were going to lose you. We're still afraid.

Pastor Doug came up to pray with us. They've had you on a paralyzing drug which helps you relax better. Poor baby, you looked awful! We love you so much!

The goal this whole time was to get him home. Coordinating round the clock nursing care, medical equipment (including a home vent that worked for him), a ride home in an ambulance, and home visits from local staff and social workers up in Fairfield where we were now living was a complete nightmare. Just when one thing was lined up, another thing would fall through and mess up the scheduling of the first thing. It was incredibly frustrating and time consuming.

And then to top it off, our whole plan gets derailed because Paxton got sick, and boy was he sick this time! It seemed like we were never going to take him home. But his illness snapped me out of my razor-sharp focus of trying to "get all the things done" and lined up, and onto him - who was far more important.

Sometimes God uses these types of things to shake us up - wake us up - and get refocused on the most important things, first and foremost HIM, and then others. Relationship is the key word for our focus, realtionship with our Creator and relationship with those around us. Everything else falls into place in God's timing and way when our focus is in the right place.

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