• Julee Wilson

Thousand Reasons Thursdays - Journal Entry #17

My apologies!! I just realized I missed posting last week! Things have been quite busy around here, but I’m back on track this week!


Yesterday, we changed your trach size to a ”1.” You’ve had no bronchospasms since you’ve been here & I think the bigger trach size will help that too!

Your Legacy ventilator is supposed to be here Tuesday. Hope that works!

We gave you a bath today, so you’re nice & clean! A lot of nurses & RT’s have been coming by to see you. Madeline came by today & played with you! Cammi came by yesterday & stayed for over an hour!

Everybody loves you, Pax — because you’re so easy to love!!!☺️

Madeline was Paxton’s evening nurse in the NICU, and she came on her day off just to see Paxton in his new “home.” I think she loved him more than anyone. She brought him his first Mickey ears from Disneyland, and she made a very detailed Care Binder, complete with darling drawings and graphics, for us.

Cammi was the NICU Director who oversaw all of the “business” side of the NICU - coordinating members of the Care Team, making sure insurance papers were filed properly, discharge, coordinating at home care, and making sure we were in the loop. She was a sweet young woman and had taken a particular liking to Paxton. She had come by because she had some business with a transferred patient in the PICU, but made it a point to spend some time with Paxton!

I believe Paxton was so loved because of his unusually long stay in both the NICU and the PICU - the staff really got to know him, and fell in love. I can look back now and be grateful we had that much time getting to know these people. We had so many opportunities to choose being self-focused and angry or letting Jesus’s light shine through us. I’d like to think we chose the latter, but we are only human, and I know our humanness showed through on occasion. But God can use anyone and any situation for His good. I pray that wherever these people are today, God has worked miraculously in their lives, and that they know Him and know His glory.

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