• Julee Wilson

Thousand reasons Thursdays - Journal Entry 15

Happy September, Everyone!! It’s almost my favorite season!!

In this installment, the roller coaster ride continues with the added stress of coordinating medical equipment and home nursing staff to get Paxton home.


We forgot to write about your G-tube surgery back in June of the 18th. You recovered well from it. You didn’t do so well on the Home Vent & they replaced it with a Bi-PAP machine — still no-go. In the meantime, you’ve had several broncho-spasms, I believe, due to the ventilator trials.

All along you’ve developed very well! You’re tracking voices & objects. You’re grabbing at things/toys. You love music. And you always have big, beautiful smiles for everyone!

The G-tube surgery was to place a port in his belly through which to feed him. It was easier than trying to place a feeding tube through his nose, and he hadn’t begun solid foods yet. Trying to swallow liquids was causing him to aspirate because of the trach tube in the way. It still utterly amazes me with all this going on, he was such a happy boy! God is so good and gracious!

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend!!

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