• Julee Wilson

Thousand Reasons Thursdays - Journal Entry #13


Eventually while you were sick they put you back on the ventilator. You're still on it now, but, during the day, you're on mist collar for @ 5 hours. For the last two days, we've put you in your carrier strapped to Mommy & went out in the hall for a walk!!! It was so exciting! You were in awe, looking around with big eyes!

Daddy & I did a trach change again. We didn't tie one knot big enough & it slipped & your trach came half-way out!! I popped it back in quickly & tied on a new tie with huge knots!!!

Each day God gave us little glimpses of Hope to endure this seemingly never-ending trial. Our hope is secured in Jesus who came to deliver us from an eternity of emptiness and despair.

We can rest in the promises of His word. He will never leave us or forsake us. We WILL have trials in this life. He will see us through them and give us grace to endure them.

Have a blessed weekend!

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