• Julee Wilson

Thousand Reasons Thursdays - Journal Entry #11


There's been quite a dramatic change in you over the last few days. You've been starting to look a little blue around the mouth -- even during your bath on Saturday. Tuesday morning they called me at home to tell me they had put you back on CPAP. (Casey finished my sentence for me.)

We were devastated and so worried. The next journal entry will explain more, but suffice it to say that moments like these really tested our faith.

Is your faith being tested? Are you wondering where God is? Or why He is allowing a certain trial in your life?

He is a God who hears your cries and sees your suffering. He is always accessible and loves with a just, merciful, and gracious hand. Sometimes we need to be taught a valuable lesson in our trials that will mold and shape us to reflect His glory. And sometimes, He brings us through trials for the benefit and good of someone else, still reflecting His glory - teaching us more about His character.

Lean in and lean on Him through His word. His word is never void.

Do you need prayer today?

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