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Thousand Reasons Thursdays - Journal Entry #10

I hope you enjoyed last week’s Guest Post form my fellow writer, Nancy Lee!

Now we’re back to our current series. We’re picking up with a journal entry about 10 days after Paxton’s major surgery.


Well, it’s been over a week and you’re doing really well & look very comfortable. Licianna & I gave you a bath today. Auntie Chris is in town & will be by to visit soon!

Today is Mommy’s birthday (#30, but don’t tell anybody!). It’s the best birthday I’ve ever had because I got to spend it with you! Daddy’s throwing Mommy a party later!

All the stuff we have to learn s actually pretty easy & not so scary after all. You’ll hopefully be coming home soon!

The best thing about being in a teaching hospital was that quite a few of the nurses and docs were great teachers. Since we had already shown them that we were 100% interested in being fully immersed in Paxton’s care, they took the time to show us how to care for this new aspect of his care. A tracheostomy tube/site needs constant cleaning and suctioning. If the tube gets clogged with extra-thick mucous, there may need to be an emergency trach change. Nebulizer treatments were also a necessity to help keep Paxton’s airway clear and help his lungs to get stronger. We were up for the task if it meant his coming home, and the docs and nurses wanted nothing more than to get him home as well. We were told the hospital is the last place you want to be if you’re trying to recover from a respiratory illness (or really any illness for that matter). Home is where there is quiet to sleep, air free from air-born viruses, and love and nurturing 24/7. Home was the goal.

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