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Thousand Reasons Thursdays - Final Journal Entry

Yes, you read that right, this is the last entry in my journal, and the last in this series of journal entries for Thousand Reasons Thursdays. I'll be starting a new series for Thousand Reasons Thursdays in the up coming weeks, but in the meantime, keep an eye out for the November Newsletter in your email boxes with some exciting news and updates on the memoir!


You lasted 8 days at home this time - you were still a little sick. By the 8th day, you were bronchospasming & deasting at any little thing. We knew you were sick. We brought you to North Bay ER & then arranged for a transport to CPMC. Your temp hit 106!

I had started writing this 3 days after he passed away. He was in the hospital when he passed. I wanted to record what happened while it was fresh in mind, but I couldn't write without breaking down every other sentence, so I gave up. It's not like I'll ever forget it, or him.

Through the grieving process, God showed me that though I was praying for him to come home, God answered my prayer by bringing him to the BEST Home - His Home - where someday we will be reunited for eternity. This is God's promise to those who love Him, follow Him, and obey His commands. They were redeemed for us through the blood of God's only Son (who is God become human) on the cross. God ALWAYS keeps good on His promises. So this is my confidence - my TRUE Home is waiting for me after I die, where I will be reunited with believers who have gone on before me, including Paxton, for all eternity to worship and praise the One and Only True God.

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