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Thousand Reasons Thursdays (3)

Time for another sneak peek at my work-in-progress, A Thousand Reasons Why!

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Now for the sneak peek!

Whenever I read the passage about Abraham and Isaac, I remember the time when our pre-mature son, only a week old, was scheduled for what would be the first of many surgeries. We had called our pastor to come to the hospital so we could dedicate him because we didn’t know if he would make it through the intricate and delicate surgery that was to be done on his tiny heart.

As we gathered around the warming table and began to pray, I kept picturing Abraham, standing over Isaac on the altar. He didn’t know what God would do, but had unshakable faith that God would either provide a substitute for the sacrifice that was about to be made, or God would carry him through what he was called to do. In my prayer, I offered up my son to God, sincerely dedicating his life to honor the Lord. We didn’t know what the outcome of the surgery would be, but entrusted God with the life of my child and that He would carry me through whatever the outcome would be.

The picture of Abraham’s sacrificing his only son foreshadows a much greater and Best Sacrifice - of God, the Father, sacrificing His only Son, Jesus, to take on the punishment for all our sins, so that we may stand holy and righteous in His eyes and be His children!

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