• Julee Wilson


Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The dawn.

it is in the quiet hours of the dawn that I feel closest to God. I come before Him, enter into His Presence through His word, and just rest. He speaks softly to me, like a loving father would speak gently and softly to a small child who needed comfort. I curl up in His strong and protective arms, and relax, breathe, listen to the quiet, and know that I am safe, loved, and known.

Jesus slipped away in the morning hours to be with the Father in prayer. He is my example. In His humanness, he needed time with the Father for refreshment, renewal, rest, and peace. He needed to be still in the Father’s presence, to submit and know the Father’s will for His next steps. He needed to renew His communion with the Father. He needed to cry out at times, and other times, He needed to just be, and listen.

I do too. And I am so grateful for the love of a Father and Savior.

At Sunrise - and all the time.

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