• Julee Wilson


Updated: Aug 5, 2021

She sat in wonder...her eyes scanned over the report for the one hundredth time. It can’t be true. There must be some mistake. CANCER?! It doesn’t even run in my family, she thought! So many thoughts raced through her mind. What about her husband, what about her kids, her mom will worry so much…

Depression set in. Denial, depression, anger - all the stages, all at once.

Feeling hopeless and helpless.

Then, a sweet friend reminded her of a hope and Helper within.

He is the remedy. He is the Great Healer. He may not heal you physically, but when all hope is lost, He will heal you spiritually.

God is sovereign. He is in control of any and every circumstance and His plans are always good for those who love Him and follow His commands.

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