• Julee Wilson


Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The doorbell rings.

He charges the door, his bark clanging throughout the house.

I swiftly follow after him and firmly and calmly say, “Gentle. Say ‘Hi’.”

His body relaxes, but his nub of a tail anxiously wags in anticiaption of meeting this new friend.

I open the door, and remind him of his command, “Gentle.”

He excitedly sniffs our guest, and whines for “pets.”

We walk along the sidewalks of our rural neighborhood, the trees in bloom with the freshness of Spring. We both notice a fellow walker with companion alongside. As we approach each other, I softly give the command, “Gentle.” He excited darts towards the companion and abundant sniffing commences from both parties. We have made a new friend!


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