• Julee Wilson


I only had a few minutes. I typed in the link to the coffee company my husband wanted to try. We’re so different. He likes strong, black coffee, and I like espresso, or flavored coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, and oh…pour-over coffee on a slow Saturday morning.

If you asked him, he would admit that my brand of coffee in our Nespresso machine, or when we have time to sip and savor the pour-over coffee from the carafe is really his favorite. I wonder if its the flavor or the time we get to spend on the couch next to each other, talking over the day, that’s really what he likes about the coffee.

I must admit, since the kids have been gone, Saturday morning coffee has become my favorite too.

We have a road-trip planned: bags need to be in the car, pets checked over one more time, fresh coffee made for the road. The best part? It’s just him and I on the road…and then we get to see the kids!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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