5 Ways You Can Spring Ahead into Health

For over a year now, I’ve been using essential oils in place of “traditional” medicines and cleaners and have loved the difference they have made!  Here are a few ways I use essential oils in my home and for my health:

  • 01059ca1f38df1dc9d411f911723615ad52209dfe9 As I’ve posted before, I use peppermint in my smoothies and coffee for a quick pick me up, or simply in hot water as a peppermint tea!
  • 0125e81387a01799129c28ddf22813b9ddda059150 As I approach menopausal age, my monthly period is getting more and more painful.  I combat it with Dragontime Essential Oil blend on my belly and heat up my neckwrap and place it on top.
  • 016f974e030489971b8e9ec15b1ad9932915367eecLast night, I was feeling a sore throat coming on, so I made a tea with 1-2 drops each of Thieves, Lemon, and Copaiba.  Copaiba helps boost the effectiveness of whatever you put it with.  This morning, I felt totally fine!
  • Speaking of Thieves, this powerful disinfectant can be used in various ways!  I also diffuse it to get rid of airborn germs, and dilute Young Living’s Household Concentrate and an all-purpose disinfectant spray around the house.
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  • In a previous post, I mentioned that we were looking for a slightly larger home.  We found it, and our current house is on the market and has had two showings already!  During the showings, I diffused Lemon in the kitchen to give it that “just cleaned” smell. 01ca99b2c2e6d201f1dd30914a06c6532f57a6ae4e

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